Remove or Not Remove The Inflamed Appendix?

  1. More research is needed on the long term outcomes of patients who were treated with antibiotics for their inflamed appendix. Personally, I would like to know if they had other episodes of appendicitis, when those episodes took place, whether they were complicated or not, and whether they were treated with antibiotics or surgery in the following episodes. These pieces of information are of the utmost important for measuring the feasibility of adopting those new recommendations.
  2. More research is needed to predict which treatment strategy (surgery vs antibiotics) is associated with the most favorable long term outcomes for patients with acute appendicitis. I will be most concerned about whether suggesting antibiotics for patients with appendicitis has led to more complications for these patients on the long run. In other words, if choosing antibiotics for patients with acute appendicitis was associated with more hospitalizations later on, or more complications later on, or even increased deaths from these complications, then surgery will be the safest alternative, may be not at the time of presentation, but on the long run.
  3. Hospitals are always afraid of malpractice lawsuits. Sometimes the patient who initially preferred not to have surgery to treat his appendicitis may find it unacceptable to re-enter the hospital for the second time with the same diagnosis and may file a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital for that reason. So, if we are to implement using antibiotics to treat acute appendicitis at large, a good support from the scientific communities must be there to protect surgeons from losing their licenses.




Physician, Healthcare provider, Aspiring Researcher,

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Amr Ebied

Amr Ebied

Physician, Healthcare provider, Aspiring Researcher,

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