The Law of Efforts-Done-In-Vain

A life lesson to learn from animals

Photo by Ingo Stiller on Unsplash

Have you ever watched a National Geographic episode about survival habits of animals? Have you ever seen how wild life animals, especially predators, were portrayed to be the most dangerous and deadly?

Well, there is another twist to that!

Contrary to what the National Geographic, or any other wildlife TV series, may try to convince us that the lion, for example, is an invincible hunter, lions really succeed in only a quarter of their hunting attempts. With even that small percentage — which is common to all animal predators by the way! — it is impossible for lions for give up hunting.

The reason for that, contrary to what most people may believe, is not related to how hungry a lion is, but rather to an instinct that is built in most animals, which is the ability to tolerate an effort that was done in vain. About half of the eggs laid by fish is eaten by other aquatic creatures. About half of the progeny of bears is eaten by predators before puberty.

Even non-living creations understand the same law. Most of the rain happening in the world will end up pouring into oceans. Most of the seeds sprinkled by trees and plants end up being eaten by birds. There are numerous other examples of that phenomenon that could be said, but I think the anecdotal message has already been delivered here.

Only man refuses to accept that natural law, and even considers that not succeeding in an attempt to do something is the ground of all failures. But the truth is that the only failure in life is to stop trying. True success is not equivalent with a life that is devoid of losses and failures, but with a life through which you can stand up again after you’ve fallen, a life where you rise from the ashes of your mistakes, and forever continue to go beyond the last place where your efforts have gone in vain, and seek to look forward to your next challenge, and accomplish it.

But the truth is that the only failure in life is to stop trying.

If there were a wise motto to summarize everything this life is all about, it would have been simply “MOVE ON!”.



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